Together we can end

Domestic Abuse 

& Sexual Assault

Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme - Liverpool, Merseyside & Cheshire

THE DULUTH METHOD aims to STOP domestic Violence

What is

Domestic Abuse


Physical Abuse:

Kicking, Slapping, Hitting, Punching, Pushing, Pulling, Choking & property Damage. 


Sexual Abuse:

Forcing and Coercing sexual acts, Rape and having sex when not wanting too.


Emotional Abuse:

Jealousy, Anger, Intimidation, Controlling, Neglect, Humiliation, Threats, Isolation, & Verbal Abuse

Social Abuse:

Being stopped from seeing friends or Family, not allowed to leave the home. Being Stalked.

Economic Abuse:

Controlling access to money and other resources, being forced to live without money.

Domestic Abuse

DMAT run a male  perpetrators programme to support men to change their abusive behaviour and be accountable for their behaviour. 

The program will also support intimate partners who remain in a

relationship with a perpetrator.

Domestic Abuse does not only impact on the victims but also on their children.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said:

It is appalling that in twenty-first century Britain, nearly 2 million people every year – the majority of them women – suffer abuse at the hands of those closest to them.

Statistics from NSPCC record that 1 in 5 children have been exposed to

domestic abuse.

Children who witness domestic violence & abuse may:

    Become aggressive

    Display anti-social behaviour

    Suffer from depression or anxiety

    Not do as well at school - due to          difficulties at home or disruption

    of moving to and from refuges.

Duluth Program

The Duluth Model is successful because it is grounded in the experience of victims, helps offenders and society change, and pulls the whole community together to respond. When the Duluth Model first began, women told us that they wanted us to work with their partners that helping their partners change is what would most keep them safe. So, we began nonviolence courses to help abusive men look more closely at their actions, intentions and beliefs and the effect their actions had on their partners and others. Because it helps men get to the core of their actions and beliefs, our men’s violence programme is the mot replicated programme for men who abuse in the world.

t has been tested by research and replication.

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