About Us

DMAT Services Limited are fully qualified  in Assessments & Training and specialize in the Duluth Method - Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme ( DVPP) or sometimes referred to as Domestic Abuse Intervention Project.

There are two types of DVPP


Criminal justice based programme and voluntary community based programmes, the criminal justice based programme is an intense 26 week programme .

Voluntary community based programme is a 26 week programme where statutory sectors and Children’s Service can make a referral, self referrals are also accepted.  To ensure the programme runs smoothly and safely, a risk assessment and management plan will be undertaken. Dmat will work closely with all organisations and attend meetings to provide an update on the participates progress and commitment to change.


DMAT also work with victims of the perpetrators to ensure there safety.

DMAT  provide the DVPP programme in Liverpool, Cheshire  Sefton, Wirral, Halton & Knowsley.

DMAT  works across the North West with adults and children affected by domestic violence.

This service is aimed at supporting positive long term change and  promoting the construction of healthy relationships. We work in  partnership with a wide range of statutory and voluntary agencies.

Agencies work together to try new approaches.

When agencies work together to create policies and procedures that interweave together, the whole system works in coordination to more effectively hold perpetrators accountable. Each agency has a part in identifying and rectifying gaps that hurt women. Each agency can do its job better.

It keeps women safe because it is developed from their own voices of experience.

Sometimes policies or plans that are developed and thought to help women who are abused actually cause more harm than good. The Duluth Model approach keeps the voices of victims central to any policies or plans that are made by including victims and the advocates who work closely with them in all decision making.


We realise that to keep women safe, we have to help abusive men change !!